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Medisport Ltd. Belgrade was founded in 2009 years, with the desire to bring to our market a full physical therapy program primarily for athletes, in order to provide simple and continuous equipping of sports clubs and healthcare institutions with the best brands in the field of physical medicine.

For our products, we emphasize that sports and physical medicine are in the service of athletes or patients, and they help the doctor and physiotherapist for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Medisport doo Belgrade for the tenth consecutive year is present in a large number of state and private, health and rehabilitation institutions, as well as in the most famous sports clubs and national selections in Serbia, as well as in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, as the official representative of MEDISPORT Italy.

MEDISPORT Italy is a manufacturer of premium products and electromedical devices in the field of sports and physical medicine. The experience of over 20 years in the field of research and development, supported by close relationships with universities, physiotherapists, masseurs and physical trainers, constantly improves and improves Medisport products.

For more information on Medisport Italy, visit www.medisport.com

CEP Sport is a German brand of compression sports equipment, primarily socks and ties for tracking, but also socks for other individual and team sports.

Medisport Ltd. Belgrade is an exclusive representative of Cep products for the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

CEP products improve performance and accelerate recovery thanks to compression that stimulates circulation and accelerates lactate metabolism.

It is a brand and a product of the German factory Medi (made by Germany).

For more about the CEP brand, visit www.cepsport.com

The Vitiliy program is a program of products that make everyday life easier and more pleasant, by providing support and solutions to the disadvantages of injuries.

From the Vitiliy program we have provided you with sleeves and shower socks that sew your gypsum or wrap.


For more information please contact us. https://medisport.rs/kontakt/


Medisport doo Beograd je desetu godinu zaredom prisutan u velikom broju državnih i privatnih, zdravstvenih i rehabilitacionih ustanova, kao i u najpoznatijim sportskim klubovima i nacionalnim selekcijama kako u Srbiji, tako i u Crnoj Gori, Bosni i Hercegovini i Makedoniji, kao zvanični zastupnik kompanije MEDISPORT Italija.

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